Frequently Asked Questions

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What Can & Can't you do?

  • General Service: We offer general service/repair on most all makes and models (Domestic, European, Asian, Import)

           - Including - Oil/Fluid Changes, Brakes, Suspension, Chassis, Steering, Engine, Transmission, Driveline, Electrical, Climate Control/Air Conditioning/Heating, Interior, etc

  • Tires/Wheels: We CANNOT take the rubber tire off of your metal wheel, we CAN remove the tire/wheel assembly from your vehicle to service brakes, suspension, chassis, powertrain etc. This also means we CANNOT balance tires. We CAN rotate your tires on site. 

          Mobile Tire Service Coming Soon!

  • Alignments: A quality alignment rack is north of $50,000, bulky/difficult to move around, and ideally needs to be setup on a level surface. For these reasons, we're out (for now). We CAN get an alignment 'close enough' for a very short drive to your closest alignment shop, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the 'rough alignment'

  • Painting Body Panels: We currently don't do any painting of body panels in house. We DO have a list of trusted body shops. We CAN paint suspension, engine, chassis, etc parts upon request. 

  • Detailing/Paintless Dent Repair/Paint Correction/Touch Up: We currently DON'T offer mobile detailing services. We DO have a list of many trusted local detailing shops, mobile and traditional

  • Windshield/Glass Replacement: We DO NOT offer mobile windshield/glass replacement at this time. We simply would rather have a dedicated truck for this in the future, our current setup only allows us to carry side windows/smaller sunroofs.

  • Mobile Welding: We DON'T have welding equipment on hand for mobile use quite yet

  • Keys/Fobs/Keyless Entry: We do NOT cut keys, we DO program some keys/key fobs

How can I pay you?

We accept: Cash, Debit/Credit Cards (3.65% fee), Checks, Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, Bitcoin, and Ethereum

I bought my own parts, will you install them?

YES! However, there are stipulations and restrictions. 

  1. We will not offer a labor warranty on most service/repairs where we don't provide the parts. Sorry, but we aren't liable if that $40 alternator from Amazon goes out. We will only offer a warranty if factory/OEM/from the dealer parts are provided.

  2. A photo and/or part # MUST be provided for us to begin work with your parts. This is for your wallet/time as well as ours to make sure the parts you've bought are correct. Time is money, as they say.


Where can you work on my vehicle?

We can work on your vehicle at your house, apartment, work place, or where you've broken down. Some places, such as hospitals, do not allow auto repairs on their premises. In these cases we will do our best to service your car as close to the desired area as possible.

Have a Question?

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Have a Question?

Let us know!